Tuesday, May 24

Speaking of conservative scum ...

Anyone wanna bet John McCain's sudden conversion to "moderate centrist" and taking the lead in the so-called "Group of 14" is nothing more than groundwork for another run at the White House in 2008? Does he really believe nobody's gonna notice he's further right than Attila the Hun? This "centrist" crap is nothing more than a fig leaf. Of course, the US electorate has already shown just how mind-bogglingly stupid it is in the last few elections, so maybe he'll get away with it.

On the other side of the aisle, Lieberman is showing once more that he's got a red suit hidden under that blue power tie. Joe, why don't you quit pretending and come out of the damn closet.

The worst part is that the deal is little more than total capitulation by the Democrats, yet it is still being hailed as a "compromise" and a victory for the center.


The D's caved. George II gets his judges and the D's just rolled over and let it happen.


  1. yeah - that was kind of depressing, but I like McCain. He stands a good chance of being a teddy-like-republican. You know - the last great republican leader. ...no offense, Ike

  2. Sorry ... can't agree with you there. McCain puts on a good show and talks a good line, but when the chips are down and he has to act he's just as much a die-hard an extremist as any in D.C.