Thursday, May 12


Last night I was sprawled on the couch trying to ignore the aches and pains of my virus-riddled body reading a book. One of those nice light, "aliens invade the world and enslave the human race" sorta books. I figured I could escape far enough into the book I'd forget how much like a drooling zombie I felt and how much I did not want to go to work the next day (one of those idiotic mandatory all staff meetings they make us all drive to Salem for).

So I'm reading along and the mean nasty aliens decide they want to go hunt a whale off the Oregon Coast, Tillamook to be exact. I perked up a bit. It's always fun when a place you know turns up in fiction. Naturally, the locals are all upset that the evil overlords want to harpoon a whale. So they get their signs and picket the dock. A few decide to sneak out there and actually attack the whaling boat, hoping to kill some of the evil alien overlords. Of course, the plot fails and the mean evil aliens decide they need to teach the locals a lesson. They decide to raze the nearest city to the ground.


So I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. Does it make me a bad person to vicariously enjoy a fictional account of the reduction of the very same rats' nest of political vipers on the capitol mall to smoking rubble?

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